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 OUR END OF SEASON SHOW. Is at the Horn Theater on the campus of the College of Southern Nevada, 3200 E. Cheyenne, N. Las Vegas. Evening performances will be on Sat. July 14th  and Sun. 15th   at 7:00 pm. Based on the size of our school, the theater  only allows for  6 seats per family each night. 1 ticket will be  FREE for the 2nd  night to ensure that at least 1 parent brings the student to both shows as is required. This excludes Combo 3/4 who are only doing one night. Combo 3/4 Saturday 11:00 will do the Sat. show and the Sat. 1:30/Thurs. 3:45 classes will do the Sunday show. Combo 5/6 Tues. 4:00 and Sat 12:00 can do both nights. Tickets will be reserved seating as usual and are still only $12.00 each. Combo 3/4 and then 5/6 numbers will be after the Opening number of the show and you will be able to pick up your child after the 5/6 number. If you wish to stay and watch the rest of the show, your child will also need a ticket at only $8.00. By CSN fire codes, all children 2 years old and up must have a ticket for their own seat. They cannot sit on your lap.

  It would cause great confusion for fellow classmates and ruin their numbers to have students miss any show. Tickets will be reserved seating as usual. 

 TECHNICAL REHEARSALS (Staging, Lighting, running of class numbers) will be held at the theater on Thursday July 12th approximately 12:00-7:00, and/or Friday, July 13th  3:00-5:30. Then at 6:00 on that Friday, the entire school (less Combo classes) is to be back for a 7:00 Dress Rehearsal.

 Combos 3/4 and 5/6 classes rehearsal will be at 5:30 and 5:45 respectively just before their Saturday or Sunday show and then they’ll stay to take part in the main show. The theater will open for seating at 6:30. This rehearsal schedule is subject to minor change. The exact scheduling times and further details will be in a later newsletter.


Please understand that the performance is not mandatory, but we encourage everyone to participate enthusiastically in this special event. The benefits to each student are many. It gives them a chance to be someone special while building confidence, personality, stage presence, teamwork and a sense of great accomplishment.

 LEARNING THE CLASS NUMBERS:  Classes start learning their numbers in March , except class levels III-V, Point II/ III and Tumbling III-IV which start mid-March/April. 

 COSTUMES: Normal costume cost runs from $50-$70 for lower levels and $50.00 to $80.00 for higher levels. Students will require a costume for each class taken. In addition to the costume, some classes may need to purchase accessories (tights, hat, and possibly but rarely, shoes) to complete the look of the costume. We try to keep the cost down as much as possible. NOTE: Costumes are tax deductible if later donated to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. Most of you will receive your costume list by the beginning of Feb . Combo class pricing is below. A pictorial book of all the costumes will be available for viewing.


COMBO 3/4 COSTUME is $50.00                          COMBO 5/6 COSTUME is $55.00

                               Tax    $  4.08                                                      Tax      $ 4.53

                         TOTAL  = $54.08                                                  TOTAL =  $59.53

 Deposit of $32.45 due by 2-28                                   Deposit of $35.72 due by 2-28

 Balance of $21.63 due by 5                                       Balance of $23.81 due by 5-1


COSTUME PAYMENTS: A deposit of 60% per costume will be due no later than Feb. 28th       WITHOUT EXCEPTION. The balance will be due by May 1st . The costume list will be handed out the beginning of February. No costumes will be ordered unless this deposit has been made, thus securing your child's place in the show.  There are no costume refunds or returns as the costumers do not allow for this.

 OPENING & FINALE NUMBERS:  All girl students currently training with us in a dance class and are age 10 and up as of March 15th , can participate in the Opening number, students age 11 and up by the same date, may also be in the  Finale number . These optional numbers are for all level students except those who are only in a level I, 7-10 year old class.  Students will be placed in a group based on their current class levels. Thomas DiSabato will be choreographing the “Opening“, and co-owner and international choreographer, Joan Palethorpe, the "Finale". You may choose to do both or just one or the other.

 When deciding whether to take part in the “Opening” and/or the “Finale”, be aware that they will involve the following rehearsals, fees, and purchases:

 5 MANDATORY REHEARSALS.  These rehearsals are held here, at “Backstage”. They will be held on Saturday afternoons as follows: OPENING June 16th , 11:30-4 for all groups. The FINALE will start on June 23rd by assigned groups for 1 hour and 15 minutes to be scheduled between 11:30-4:30, then everyone  11:30-4:00 June 30th , July 7th  & Wed. evening July 11th  4:00-7:30. The list of groups & exact scheduled times will be in a later newsletter.

  A. $30.00 REHEARSALS  fee  or $15.00 for only doing the “Opening" or only the "Finale" number.


  B. The OPENING: $25 child/ $29 adult. An additional $12 child/$14 adult, if you need the leggings

  • Sequin Tunic top (color for each group to be designated).
  • Leggings,  black. ( same leggings from last year’s Finale. Let us know if you need a new pair)


         Jazz shoes in black ( slip on or lace up, NO Jazz Sneakers) Slip Ons available here for $24.96 + tax

 C. The FINALE: $35 (color to be designated).  

  • Circle skirt, calf length.
  • A Camisole Leotard


  • Jazz shoes in black ( slip on or lace up, NO Jazz Sneakers) Slip Ons available here for $24.96 + tax
  • Light Suntan Tights by Capezio. #1915 footed or #1916 footed Tights. We’ll have these here available for purchase. 

                                         There will be breaks, so students may bring snacks.

 As most 10/11 year olds and up have always participated, your costume list will include these additional costs. Please let me know if your child will not be participating so that I may adjust your costume billing.


Commitment:  Once class numbers are being taught, the staff and I must stress the importance of making and keeping commitments.  It puts a great burden on fellow dancers, teachers, and the outcome of the entire show if your child misses classes while the dance numbers are being taught.


  SPRING BREAK: Mon. March 26th  thru Sat. 31st .

  MEMORIAL WEEKEND from Friday May 25th thru Mon. 28th 


LAST DAY OF CLASSES Tues. July 10th .TECHNICAL REHEARSALS at the theater Thurs. July 12th and/or Fri. 13th DRESS REHEARSAL Fri. 13th at 7:00 pm CONCERT July 14th  and 15th , 7:00 pm evening shows.

There are NO other dates that we will be  closed


















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