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     FINAL TUITION.  For those students who started in late August, you’ve had 40 Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, 41 Tuesdays, 39 Monday and Wednesdays thru your July classes. You might owe nothing for July, be due a credit or owe for an extra class, depending if you average out to 4 classes per month Those who started later in the year, would have had your 1st month prorated if you hadn’t started at the beginning of a month. Also, everyone is charged 1 weeks tuition as a Staff Fee to pay our teachers during their 4 days in the theater, plus ushers, dressers, a backstage manager, ticket sellers and ticket takers.  ( Pointe I and II is counted as one class).


    NOTE: Show tickets may not be purchased unless tuition payments are up to date.


    JUNE 22nd   SATURDAY, is the DEADLINE for Photos, Well Wishes, and Love Lines in the CONCERT PROGRAM..See separate sample program  for all rates, sizing for ads, personal messages with pictures, and Love Lines to be put in the shows program.


    JUNE 22nd     SATURDAY,  SHOW TICKET SALES START AT 10:00 am. Seating is reserved and sold only here at the studio on a first come first served basis. They are $12 each and only $8 for a Combo 3/4 , 5/6 child if you want them to stay for the show after their number. You will take a number when you arrive and will be called. Only one number per present person will be allowed. Please no grabbing up multiple numbers to hold for persons arriving hours later. For the first week of sales, each family unit may buy up to 6 tickets for one evenings show and 5 for the other. You will be given 1 FREE TICKET for whichever night you’ll have the fewest attendees. This free ticket does not apply to Combo ¾ classes that are only doing 1 show.

    Combo 3/4 Saturday 11:00 will do the Sat. show and the Sat. 1:30 and Thurs. 3:45 classes will do the Sunday show. Combo 5/6 Tues. 4:00 and Sat 12:00 can do both nights. From Monday July 1st   any amount may be purchased, so it is important that everyone buy their tickets in that 1st week of sales. If there are any left over after that, they will be sold on the evenings of the show in the lobby at the theater, cash only.    NOTE: by CSN fire codes, all children 2 years old and up must have a ticket for their own seat. ADDITIONALLY: Your July tuition and any other due amounts need to be paid in full to be able to purchase tickets.

     JUNE 26th WEDNESDAYthru  JULY 9th TUESDAY, BRING STAGE READY COSTUMES TO ALL CLASSES. Classes will run their numbers in “completed “ costumes, including shoes. DO NOT wear them to class. Wear class dancewear and then you’ll change into costumes. Bring your tights, if applicable, so we know that you have the correct ones. Alterations or  sewing to complete the costume must be done beforehand





    JULY 10th  , WEDNESDAY, is the LAST OPENING/FINALE REHEARSAL here at the School.


    JULY 10th  WEDNESDAY, LAST DAY TO PRE-ORDER DVD OF THE SHOW at $40. We have the show professionally recorded by Sundance Video using a Beta Broadcast Quality Digital Camera for the optimum in color, clarity, and sharpness. VIDEO, DIGITAL, STILL CAMERAS and CAMERA PHONES are “NOT”!!! PERMITTED DURING THE SHOW!    You may video during Technical and Dress Rehearsals using personal cameras and only those numbers that your child is in. You may not film the entire show rehearsal.  NO flash or video lights please.  The Dress Rehearsal includes costumes, lighting, and sound. DVD’s are $40.00 (with class numbers indexed and cast credits at the end). Both shows will be videoed, but only one master DVD with indexing and credits will be made based on the staffs opinion of the better nights show . If there is an error in any one show , the other nights better number may be edited into the master. Both nights combo classes will also be edited into the master. If requested, a DVD of the other nights show will also be available but without the editing, indexing and credits. You will be notified later of a pick up date, usually within one week. Pre-order by JUNE 29th  to insure the quickest delivery time. DVD’s  may also be ordered after the shows by mailing a check to the our school.


    JULY. 11th  and/or 12th , THURSDAY/FRIDAY, TECHNICAL REHEARSALS at the  HORN THEATER, COLLEGE of SOUTHERN NEVADA 3200 E. CHEYENNE, N. LAS VEGAS. Your child must be available  as scheduled to set their dance number(s) on stage for each class that they are in, plus the

    Opening /Finale and solos if applicable. Theatrical  lighting will be set , numbers will be run to music , and students will familiarize themselves with exits, entrances, and dressing rooms.  A few students from each class will be selected later on to bring and then wear their costume during Tech as well as all Combo class kids.

     JULY. 12th , FRIDAY 7:00pm is  DRESS REHEARSAL at the theater, in full costume, with lighting, music, and in the running order of the show. Everyone (No Combo classes) must be at the theater no later than 6:00 p.m. FOR SAFETY AND INSURANCE LIABILITY REASONS, IF YOU MISS A SCHEDULED REHEARSAL, YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BE IN THEIR CLASS NUMBER FOR THE SHOW


    JULY 13th  SATURDAY & JULY 14th  SUNDAY 7:00pm is the  CONCERT SHOWTIMES  at The Horn Theater, College of Southern Nevada, 3200 E. Cheyenne, N. Las Vegas. Arrival time is 6:00pm . Entry for cast is thru the lobby then through the  theater door to the right and down the side hall. Kids will know this route from the previous days that they were in  for Tech and Dress Rehearsals. Theater seating will start at 6:30. All parents are to leave the backstage areas and theater by this time to re-enter the theater with their tickets


    COMBO 3/4 and 5/6 TECH REHEARSALS  are just before your assigned show night for your convenience. 

    JULY 13th   SATURDAY

    Combo 3/4 11:00 am Sat. class on stage at 5:45 pm.

    Combo 5/6 12:00 pm Sat  class on stage at 6:00 pm. These students may also do Sunday’s show plus Tech

    JULY 14th  SUNDAY

    Combo 3/4 1:30 pm Sat. and Thursday 3:45 class on stage at 5:45 pm.

    Combo 5/6 4:00 pm Tue. class on stage at 6:00 pm . These students may also do Saturday’s show plus Tech

    After rehearsal, children will wait with Ms. Christine, in their dressing room until their class number which are 2nd and 3rd in the show. Parents are to leave the backstage area at 6:30 to re-enter the theater with their tickets.  After their number, we encourage you to  pick up your 3/4, 5/6 year old. If you and your child want to return  to watch the show, they will need their own ticket at only $8.00.By CSN  fire codes, all children 2 years old and up must have a ticket for their own seat. They cannot sit on your lap. 3/4 parents, please wait for the “black out” after the 5/6 combo class to exit and then for another “black out” to re-enter the theater with your child. 5/6 parents will exit and may re-enter at the same time. If your only doing one night, you may buy up to 10 tickets the 1st week of sales.

     PARKING AT CSN When entering on Community College off of E. Cheyenne, use the 2nd parking lot. It is closest to the theater. No parking fees.


    AT THE THEATER. No food or sodas are allowed anywhere in the theater. Water is okay. Younger siblings are to be quiet and not be running around. When you arrive, your dressing room is already assigned. Placement is based on age, dance level, experience, and seniority. Writing on mirrors is not allowed

     KEEPING COMMITMENTS: It puts a great burden on fellow dancers, teachers, and the outcome of the entire show if your child is missing classes while there dance numbers are being taught.  Please make their attendance a priority.


    RECYCLE HANGERS: If you don’t need the plastic hangers your costumes came on, Please return them so they can be reused next year. There will be a box at the theater.


    CLASS PLACEMENT 2019-2020 SEASON: After the concert, you will receive a Fall Schedule along with the teacher’s  recommendations for class placement. If you've moved and have not updated your address with me, please bring me up to date so you'll be sure to receive this important mailing.


    FALL REGISTRATION: You may register by phone at 547-1040. I'll be in the office starting the week of August 12th  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Or email me anytime at


    COMBO 3/4 AND 5/6 may REGISTER NOW for Fall Classes. Starting in July, registration is open to the general public. The 3/4, 5/6 class sizes are limited, so register early. Those students who will be 7 in the early fall, may now sign up now for regular one hour classes of Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro, and Tap,


    NEWSLETTER, SCHEDULES, OTHER IMPORTANT INFO is now always posted in the entryway and online at

                                                                                                                 Thank you, Steven and Joan

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    Show tickets go on sale                                                                     June 22nd     Sat.

    Costumes to classes begin                                                                June 26th Wed. thru July 9th  Tues.

    Last day for submitting program ads                                                June 22nd   Sat..

    Last day of classes,                                                                           July 9th  Tues.

    Last Opening / Finale rehearsal                                                        July 10th Wed.

    Last day to pre-order DVD                                                               July 10th  Wed.

    Tech rehearsals at the theater                                                          July 11th  and/or 12th Thurs/Fri.

    Dress Rehearsal                                                                                July 12th Fri.

    Tech for Combo’s and Show at the theater                                      July 13th  and 14th  Sat/Sun.

    Mailing of class placement newsletter                                             After the concert

    Registration call in week starts                                                        Aug. 12th Mon.-Fri.

    Fall classes begin                                                                               Aug.  19th   Mon.



    Dear Parents,

    BALANCE on COSTUMES is due by SAT. MAY 4th   .

    CLOSINGS:   Spring Break, Mon. 15- Sat.20th

                            Memorial Holiday Saturday. May 25 - Monday 27.

    YEAR ROUND SCHOOL.  Please notify us ASAP if your child is on this schedule, as it will effect how we plan the Show Technical Rehearsals on July 11, 12 at the theatre.

    OPENING/FINALE REQUIRED ITEMS to go along with costumes.

                 OPENING only:: ( 1st rehearsal starts on Sat. June 15th , everyone 11:30-3:30 )

    • Jazz shoes in black ( slip on or lace up, NO Jazz Sneakers) Slip ons in stock here for $24.96 + tax
    • Black ankle length Leggings. (same from last year’s Finale ). If you need a pair, we will be ordering these). Please place your order with us ASAP. $12 child, $14 adult, tax included..

                 FINALE only: (1st rehearsal starts on Sat, June 22nd  )

    • Jazz shoes in black ( slip on or lace up, NO Jazz Sneakers) Slip ons in stock here for $24.96 + tax
    • Light Suntan Tights by Capezio. We have these in stock for $12 child, $14 adult,  tax included.. 

                Many of you will already have light suntan tights and /or the black leggings from the previous year. They may be used if they are still in good condition.. The light suntan will also be needed in other classes as listed on the attached list.

    CLASS SHOES & TIGHTS: To maintain uniformity and professionalism, everyone must have the same style and color tights and shoes.  For your convenience and savings, we have in stock the “Revolution” Prima Pink Footed and Transition Ballet Tights , Ballet, Tap and Jazz shoes. For the non ballet numbers, most every class needs the “Capezio Light Suntan tights, unless otherwise specified..  If you have a special need in a shoe, I can order them. Applicable class shoes in good condition may be used.



    Capezio Light. Suntan Footed Tights                 Child $11.10 + tax = $12.          Adult $12.95 + tax = $14.     

    Full sole pink ballet slippers       $16.65 + tax = $18, Split sole $19.43 + tax = $21. Tap shoes $18.50 + tax = $20..

    Black split sole slip on jazz shoes                                                                                               $24.98 + tax = $27.

    Revolution Prima Pink Footed Ballet Tights       Child: Toddler-SC                                $7.40 + tax = $8.00
    Revolution Prima Pink Transition Tights, Child: MC-LC. $12.03+ tax = $13. Adult SA-LA $12.95+ tax = $14.

    COSTUMES: are now coming in.  Please be aware that all costumes are “off the rack”, meaning they come in small, medium, large, etc. They are not tailor made to your child’s measurements, but are based on the size range that they fall under, so in some cases, you may need to make some alterations.  If this is not within your capabilities, most dry cleaners do alterations.

    KEEPING COMMITMENTS: It puts a great burden on fellow dancers, teachers, and the outcome of the entire show if your child is missing classes while there dance numbers are being taught.  Please make their attendance a priority.

                                                                                                    Thank you, Steven and Joan

    June/July Newsletter: Show Ticket Sales , Technical & Dress Rehearsal Schedule at the Theater, Show Program Ads, Show DVD Sales, Costume Check Week.






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